About Us

AREUMEDICAL has more than ten years of experience in providing World – Class standards of professional services to healthcare organizations. Addressing the majority of the engineering services distributed along the life cycle of any healthcare facility project.

Consulting, planning, equipping, project management and asset management. Project management are our core services of focus where our expertise and resources are to provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction and professionalism. We have a team of highly trained skilled members and committed to provide high quality services.


AREUMEDICAL keen to keep up its customers, ranging from the hospital, to the physician clinic, and the healthcare industry with the latest technology in the management of medical facilities, In order to deliver the best level of health and medical services for its patients.

AREUMEDICAL is used to to listen intently to our client’s problems, needs, requirments, aims and then apply our experience to form the best solutions.

AREUMEDICAL know that the Success of any project depends mainly on the cooperation between its staff and the employer, Thus we keep in mind the importance of this factor this mean “Excellent cooperation = Success project”.

Who We Are