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Areumedical A Healthcare Serviceprovider

Areumedical is a Healthcare Service provider since 2005, based on the experience and market knowledge of a long history working in the medical field of medical supplies, hospital equipments and services.

With head office based in Germany, the company activity effectively covers all markets in the Middle East and North African MENA.

Our Mission

-To provide our suppliers with one business contact, for multiple requirements in different regional markets.

-Providing our markets and end users with One solution for all their needs of healthcare supplies and requirements.

-To keep the region up-to-date with latest with technologies in the field of healthcare services.

Our Vision

To connect regional markets with top-tier healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, we comprehend the goals of our suppliers and leverage our local market expertise. This approach not only ensures that the needs are met, but also guarantees that local market demands are satisfied with high quality and cost-effective solutions.

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About Areu Medical

Our suppliers

are market leaders and well-known worldwide.

Areu Medical is dedicated to bring innovative technologies and products to health care facilities in emerging healthcare markets.

Advanced Medical Devices

Offering a wide range of cutting-edge devices for various medical needs.

Customized Solutions

Tailoring technology to fit the unique requirements of your healthcare setting.

Training and Education

Equipping your staff with the knowledge to effectively use our technology.

Reliable Support

Providing continuous assistance to ensure smooth operations.

How We Work

A Comprehensive Directory For Health Care

At Areu Medical, we provide comprehensive solutions in medical devices and hospital software, designed to empower doctors and healthcare facilities. Our range of advanced medical equipment and integrated software systems ensures superior patient care and streamlined hospital operations

  • Initial Consultation

    Contact us to discuss your needs and explore our range of medical devices and hospital software solutions.

  • Customized Planning

    We design a tailored solution that aligns with your specific operational requirements and clinical objectives.

  • Seamless Implementation

    Our team ensures a smooth installation and integration process, minimizing downtime and training your staff.

  • Post-Implementation Support

    We provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your technology continues to operate effectively and evolves with your needs.