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Welcome to Areumedical Healthcare

Your ally in unlocking new opportunities in the MENA region.

Our specialized and knowledgeable team assists you in entering and establishing connections within the MENA market.

In these times, there exists a genuine chance to stand out and be recognized as a dependable partner who shows genuine concern for the customer, their practice, and their patients, all while being attuned to the present global circumstances.

Market Study & Analyse

Based on your product range, services, and your export targets we provide detailed market studies and analyses of potential market and partners.


Based on supplier portfolio, market study, and our 15+ years market experience, we will lead your business to all desired goals.

Finding reliable local partners

Locals in each market are the key factor of success, through our extensive experience and relations we help connecting with reliable local business partners.

Supervision, Sales and Marketing

The time we engage you with best local partnerships, our daily support starts from local registration until products and services delivered.

Best Medical & Healthcare

Trust Us To Be There To Help All & Make Things Well Again

Your Reliable Partner in Advanced Healthcare Solutions

Asset planning and management

Medical Equipment Maintenance

Picture archiving and communication system (PACS)

Simplicity CMMS asset management system